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The Forgotten Abstract Expressionist Master:  Stan Brodsky

Long Island has played a storied role in the history of Abstract Expression with two of its leaders living there, in the Hamptons, for extended periods of time:  Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning.  They painted some of their most iconic works on Long Island.  There is a third important painter from their generation who still lives on Long Island, Stan Brodsky, who is about to turn 93 years old.  He has developed a distinctive, unique and engaging form of Abstract Expressionism that employs bold colors, varied brushstrokes and graphic elements created with an oil stick.  While Pollock and DeKooning launched their careers in Manhattan first before moving to the Island.  Brodsky's career has unfolded on Long Island, away from the busy art scene, which might explain why he is not as well-known as his famous colleagues.  His work merits full consideration and rediscovery.  Remarkably, his paintings continue to advance and develop each year.  

                                                                                    Dr. Kenneth Wayne, Ph.D., Art Historian